Tissue Engineering in Dentistry

DNA helixDr. Schlesinger is not just a dentist, he is a Biodontist.  He has crossed the frontier – Dr. Mark Schlesinger, a board certified NYC periodontal and laser specialist, believes that bioscience technology will add to quality of life.   As a Biodontist, he uses cellular materials to replace, restore, and repair lost and missing teeth, tooth structure and supporting bone and ligaments. In the future, most dentists will be Biodontists.

Dr. Mark Schlesinger is unique in that in his Manhattan practice, he is able to combine Waterlase YSGG laser therapy with oral regenerative medicine techniques to offer the most advanced periodontal and dental implant treatment anywhere in the world.

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The Next Dental Frontier

The acceptance of scientific advances and innovative equipment is more a function of political change and social attitudes of dentists and patients than the validity of science or the success of the technology. In the next few decades, dentists and patients will overcome their fears and the profession will enter its next frontier—bioscience. The timing of when this bioscience is accepted into the dental office and the curricula depends not only on the value placed on the science and technology for patient care but also the attitudes of dentists and patients toward science in general. When these groups believe bioscience technology will add to quality of life, these changes will be embraced.

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