About Dental Insurance

By Dr. Steven Parnett

The introduction of dental insurance to the practice of dentistry has allowed the improvement of the dental health of millions to be accomplished over the last 30 years. Many on both sides of the insurance card have benefited and been frustrated at the same time. Much of the controversy has occurred when consumers and dentist alike expected this form of insurance to behave the same as medical insurance had in the past. As we all know even the medical insurers have had to change their programs due to problems with rising costs of the practice of medicine.

I would like to offer some suggestions to help with the understanding of your dental insurance as a consumer without getting into the details of any specific (more…)

My Insurance Covers This, Right?


Understanding your dental benefits is not easy. There are as many different plans as there are contracts. Your employer has selected your plan and is ultimately responsible for how your contract is designed. Remember, whether your plan covers a major portion of your dental bill, or only a small amount, dental benefits are good for patients because they help pay for needed treatment.

My dental insurance covers this, right?It is important to know that each contract will specify what types of procedures are considered for benefits. Even if a procedure is medically and dentally necessary, it may be excluded from your contract. This does not mean that you do not need the procedure. It simply means that your plan will not consider the procedure for payment. For example, cosmetic procedures and implants are often excluded from a dental plan.


Tissue Engineering in Dentistry

DNA helixDr. Schlesinger is not just a dentist, he is a Biodontist.  He has crossed the frontier – Dr. Mark Schlesinger, a board certified NYC periodontal and laser specialist, believes that bioscience technology will add to quality of life.   As a Biodontist, he uses cellular materials to replace, restore, and repair lost and missing teeth, tooth structure and supporting bone and ligaments. In the future, most dentists will be Biodontists.


Dr. Schlesinger earns Fellowship at the World Clinical Laser Institute

WCLI FellowshipIn March of 2010, Dr. Mark Schlesinger passed the Fellowship Certification Exam at the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) Super Symposium in San Diego, California. The WCLI is the world’s largest dental laser organization. Dr. Schlesinger has successfully met all requirements and has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of lasers and their applications in dentistry, as well as a commitment to the advancement of laser dentistry.